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In vitro. For its first active ingredient designed to treat atopic dermatitis, SILAB softcare Research developed compromised SILABSKIN® RE reconstructed epidermis models, which mimic the biological reality of this skin disorder.
They identify the most effective natural active molecules and also help to understand the pharmacological activity of the selected molecule.
These in vitro models have been validated by the international dermatological community through scientific communications (publications1).

1 ‘‘From the morphological to the transcriptomic characterization of a compromised three-dimensional in vitro model mimicking atopic dermatitis’’, P. Rouaud-Tinguely, D. Boudier, L. Marchand, V. Barruche, S. Bordes, H. Coppin, M.P. Roth and B. Closs, British Journal of Dermatology (2015) 173, pp1006-1014.