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Published in Personal Care Europe Magazine
in November 2018, p. 39 - 41

Authors L. Verzeaux, C. Chauprade, C. Soulié, D. Laporte, S. Le Davadic, D. Boudier, B. Closs

As efficacy, safety and stability are the hallmarks of each SILAB’s development, all the inputs are controlled from the R&D to the manufacture in situ. To meet these requirements, an essential step, settled in SILAB’s DNA, is the mastery of nature combined with a perfect in-house control of the extraction and purification process inspired by agro-food technologies.

With a 30-year experience, the company has thus developed a solid expertise in enzymatic bio-engineering and owns an enzymatic toolbox to isolate novel molecular structures from natural raw materials.

The example of RECOVERINE® illustrates SILAB’s expertise. This eco-designed active ingredient is capable of stimulating epidermal renewal to ensure a functional and effective cutaneous barrier.