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Published in Expression Cosmétique - Guide of cosmetic ingredients 2018
in December 2018, p. 170 - 173

Authors M. Coirier, P. Rouaud-Tinguely, S. Le Davadic, S. Mazalrey, E. Lasjaunias, D. Boudier, B. Closs

The microbiota has a key role in the biology of organisms. Just as skin, plants host many microbial communities. SILAB has applied its know-how in mastering nature and biotechnologies to study the very particular nectar of flowers: the Nectarobiota®. This innovative research work has supported the development of a natural active ingredient, bio-inspired by the regulating capacity of the Nectarobiota®, able to specifically rebalance the microbiota of mature skin disturbed during the aging process.