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SILAB Softcare research work at the European Dermocosmetology Days

 Wednesday 30 January 2019

The 29th edition of the European Dermocosmetology Days of the Centre Européen de Dermocosmétologie (European Center for Dermocosmetology) takes place on January 31st and February 1st 2019 in Lyon (France), on the theme of "Intercellular exchanges in cutaneous tissues: which prospects for fragile skins in dermocosmetology?".

On Thursday, January 31st at 14:25, Pauline Rouaud-Tinguely (Scientific Communication Project Leader, SILAB) holds a conference entitled “Atopic Dermatitis: modelling studies through relevant 3D models”.

She displays the in vitro 3D models developed within SILAB Softcare department and mimicking the biological reality of compromised skin, especially atopic skin. These robust models supported the development of AD-RESYL®, a purified natural active ingredient specifically designed to prevent the clinical signs of atopic dermatitis.