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The upcoming edition of PCHi will take place on February 26 to 28 2019 in Guangzhou! Let’s meet SILAB and SILAB China teams on booth 4E22 to discover more about:

ECOBIOTYS® and the power of bio-inspiration: from Nectarobiota® to skin microbiota

Rich in biopeptides obtained from the yeast Metschnikowia reukaufii, isolated directly from the porcelain flower Hoya carnosa, this natural active ingredient regulates the ecology of mature skin for an improved skin quality and an enhanced complexion radiance.

AQUASEBOM®, the “China-designed” active

This natural active ingredient with a dual hydra-matte effect is obtained from the flower of Bombax malabaricum used in traditional Chinese medicine, and is bio-inspired by its hydrating and astringent properties. It enables the skin, in particular Asian one, to recover better hydration with tighter pores and reduced shine.

Two innovations in the final shortlist

ECOBIOTYS® and FILMEXEL® are among the finalists of the PCHi Fountain awards in the skin complexion and anti-aging categories, respectively. These awards recognize the innovation and creativity dedicated to the cosmetics industry.