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SILAB at in-cosmetics Global exhibition

 Tuesday 19 March 2019

Meet SILAB Cosmetics and SILAB Softcare teams on the in-cosmetics Global exhibition in Paris from April, 2 to 4, 2019. We welcome you on booth M38 and will introduce our unique range of natural active ingredients intended for skin care and hair care, developed and manufactured by SILAB in France.

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Derived from coconut, SENSORIALINE® is an active imbued with sensoriality targeting epidermal regeneration. Founded on strong scientific expertise (in vitro biological models, metabolomic study, molecular modeling), it activates the olfactory and taste receptors in the epidermis (becoming deregulated during aging). Tested on Caucasian and Asian volunteers, SENSORIALINE® is recommended for skin care products that regenerate mature skin.


Pierre Forman, process project unit and environment manager, SILAB, and Laurie Verzeaux, scientific communication project leader, SILAB, present together the conference: “Water, a valuable resource for SILAB“.

SILAB’s core business is the extraction and purification of natural molecules. As water makes up 70% of our body and our skin, it is quite naturally that SILAB uses it as its principal extraction solvent for its natural cosmetic active ingredients. Precious, sometimes rare but renewable, still vulnerable, water holds all SILAB’s attention. Diversification of activities and optimization of process contribute to limit water consumption while a rigorous water control maintains its quality. To extend its sustainable commitments, SILAB acts beyond its own site by investing in preservation of aquatic ecosystems in its territory.

Tuesday 2 April 2019, 11:00 - 11:30, Sustainability corner zone


“Sensory receptors & skin regeneration: new highlights” is presented by Laurie Verzeaux, scientific communication project leader, SILAB.

Sensory, olfactory and taste receptors, discovered in the skin a few years ago, are involved in skin regeneration. SILAB advanced research team demonstrates a modulation of these receptors with aging. Reviving sensory receptors into the skin is thus an innovative strategy to boost cutaneous regeneration weakened during aging. Natural molecules extracted from a co-product, the coconut flour, display in vitro and in vivo benefits. Molecular identification and in silico experimentations were then carried out to decipher the mechanism of action of the resulting natural active ingredient, SENSORIALINE®, a sensory awakening for regenerated skin.

Tuesday 2 April 2019, 13:40 - 14:10, Technical seminars, Theater 1