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Structure-function relationship between a natural cosmetic active ingredient and the olfactory receptor OR2AT4

 Tuesday 26 March 2019

 Under publication in International Journal of Cosmetic Science

Authors L. Verzeaux, S. Richer, J. Viguier, S. Gofflo, D. Boudier, E. Aymard, B. Closs

Although the olfactory receptor OR2AT4 has been described as involved in epidermal renewal, there is no data up to date about a cosmetic active ingredient able to activate this receptor. This research work thus revealed a natural molecule capable of binding to this OR2AT4 receptor in order to stimulate keratinocyte migration.

This active molecule was extracted from Cocos nucifera flour and was precisely identified through a metabolomic analysis. Molecular docking experimentations then validated the interactions between this molecule of butyl 4-O-alpha-D-glucopyranosyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside and the olfactory receptor OR2AT4. Additional in vitro studies demonstrated its efficacy on the stimulation of keratinocyte migration and epithelialization process.

These results supported the development of SENSORIALINE®, a regenerating natural active ingredient.