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The training investment at SILAB represents more than 7% of its payroll. This is a major focus of the company's social policy. Among the actions carried out, SILAB actively supports the training of young people, in particular through the recruitment of work-study participants. These students, recruited under a contract of apprenticeship or a professional training contract, are enrolled in various levels of training (secondary education + 2 to 5 years).

In September 2018, SILAB welcomed a group of nine students who joined the three research students who are currently completing their three-year doctoral dissertations in collaboration with a state laboratory.

For the following start of the school year, four young people will continue their second year of training at SILAB and a dozen new students will join the various departments of the company (R&D, industrial, sales, quality and communication).

To ensure quality support for these young talents, the tutors, experts in their field, are trained in their mission for an effective transmission of knowledge and skills.

With 20 to 30 new jobs created each year, some of these young people, who have all the keys for an operational position taking, will certainly have the opportunity to definitely integrate the company.