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On the occasion of the IFSCC conference which will be held from 30 September to 2 October, SILAB’s team will introduce its latest innovations and novel concepts for the cosmetics market.

Don't miss the plenary conference, the 2 scientific posters and meet us on our booth No. 14 to learn more about our new products.

Scientific conference

New insights on exosomal communication and hair growth

Wednesday 2 October, 10h05 - 10h25 (Podium Session: Gaia & Uranus. Red 1+2 Room), presented by Laurie Verzeaux, scientific communication project leader at SILAB

Poster session

No. 36. Age-related changes in the distribution of Caucasian women’s skin bacterial communities

Moon session (Microbiome and microbiology), presented by David Boudier, scientific communication manager at SILAB

No. 84. Chestnut: a natural, local raw material empowering cosmetic innovation

Mother Earth (Gaia) session (Sustainability), presented by Laurie Verzeaux