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Published in IFSCC Magazine
in September 2019 (volume 22, No. 3), p. 173 - 180

Authors V. Barruche, M. Mangier, P. Rouaud-Tinguely, L. Marchand, E. Aymard, M-P. Roth, H. Coppin and B. Closs

The understanding of epigenetics mechanisms underlying transcriptomic modulations during skin stress has become a major priority for dermo-cosmetics research. In this context, SILAB aimed to study and correlate modulations in the miRNA profile (miRNome) with modifications of the mRNA profile (transcriptome) in human fibroblasts submitted to repetitive doses of solar simulated radiations (SSR) to induce irradiation-induced stress phenotype. SILAB performed an original screen of irradiation-regulated miRNAs in human fibroblasts that allowed the identification of two new miRNA-mRNA interactions mediating irradiation-induced stress.