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Covid-19: a gradual business recovery

 Tuesday 21 April 2020

For several weeks now, the pandemic has been spreading around the world. Faced with the virulence of Covid-19, each country is taking appropriate decisions to protect its populations. This more than unusual situation should last over time, with new constraints on individuals and companies.

With our business continuity plan triggered very early, we have been able to maintain certain operations, under restrictive conditions, and ensure our commitments to our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.).

From now, SILAB is still anticipating by activating the second step of this plan, namely the business recovery phase. Driven by innovation, we need to reaggregate forces in R&D for the development of our future natural active ingredients and also prioritize our actions, in order to meet the needs of the market and create together the cosmetics of tomorrow.

In this context, and in order to be able to welcome more skills on the site, we are drastically reinforcing the health conditions and obligations for our employees. In addition to social distancing measures and barrier gestures, the teams are now divided into two distinct daily time slots. A temperature check and the handing over of N95 masks (compulsory wearing of masks) are carried out on the arrival of each employee. Of course, we maintain, as far as possible, distance working skills to support strategy, internal operations and external actions.

Like everyone else, we go beyond the usual conditions and express as much as possible our adaptability, respect, empathy and solidarity. This new context allows us to imagine new approaches to create common values, for today and tomorrow.