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Sharing situation in SILAB’s subsidiaries globally

 Tuesday 19 May 2020

The Covid-19 is a reminder of how powerful nature is, but also of how intelligent human beings are and how capable they are of creating, innovating and adapting to a hostile situation. At SILAB, both business continuity plan and business recovery plan were triggered by one principle: “think globally, act locally” to create a shared value.

Early January, the staff from SILAB China warmed up the company about the situation. This allowed to set up a plan to protect them and maintain the business activity. SILAB also adapted its organization, particularly by working remotely / at home when the wave arrived in Singapore for the SILAB South East Asia team. Thanks to those experiences, SILAB was able to learn and to update its strategy and initiatives when the virus reached Europe and its major facility.

Then, by mastering its health and safety plan, the company transmitted serenity in the management of the crisis with its American teams: SILAB Inc. (United-States) and SILAB South America (Brazil).

Obviously, the company keeps devoted to its human and solidarity values, whatever the location of its collaborators. As usual, safety is the SILAB’s primary requirement for consumers, partners and staff. The sales department is actively dedicated to its task in its customer relationships regardless a degraded working system. SILAB is grateful to all SILAB employees who maintain this sales agility. The future is a new collaborative area to transform disruptive ideas into projects and products with social and environmental benefits. The Covid-19 has redrawn the map…

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

See the video of Jean-Philippe Cosson, Marketing and Sales Director