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On the occasion of the IFSCC congress, which takes place in virtual format this year, you are able to consult from 21 to 30 October the different works presented by SILAB's R&D department on the IFSCC website:

One scientific conference

Podium 17. Part. 1 - Cutting-edge life science, Hair biology
Raman molecular signature to characterize hair graying
presented by Pauline Minet, Innovation Management project manager, SILAB

Three posters

Poster No.148, Part. 1 - Cutting-edge life science, Microbiome
Quorum sensing of Staphylococcus epidermidis: a deleterious role in atopic dermatitis
Work carried out in the laboratory of Dr. Richard Gallo, University of California - San Diego (USA)

Poster No.173, Part. 1 - Cutting-edge life science, Others
New insights in dermis segmentation and angiogenesis
Work carried out as part of a CIFRE thesis in partnership with Dr. Laurent Muller of the Collège de France (Paris, France) and Dr. Florence Ruggiero of the IGFL (Lyon, France)

Poster No.360, Part. 3 - Novel concepts, Sustainability
A biomimetic approach to bioguide the bacterial production of osmoregulatory molecules