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Published in Expression Cosmétique - Guide of Cosmetic Ingredients 2020
in December 2020, p. 199 - 202

Authors M. Coirier, E. Lasjaunias, P. Minet, E. Aymard and B. Closs

Hair greying is an inevitable phenomenon. Biological changes that occur in the normal course of aging are accelerated by the action of free radicals generated by environmental stress. Antioxidant activity, detoxification, cell viability and structural quality of the hair shaft are all aspects to target in order to favor hair repigmentation. Based on this global approach, SILAB Research presents AGREYNIST®an anti-free radical and pro-pigmenting active ingredient of plant origin, derived from the complementary efficacy of two plant raw materials, to allow greying hair to regain its natural color without using hair dyes.