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Mediator of the natural skin repair process

In the course of aging, the skin barrier and dermal architecture are weakened by the skin’s difficulty to regenerate.

SILAB presents GLYCO-REPAIR®, a repairing active ingredient obtained from a traceable and controlled supply chain of Majorcan locust beans that can reactivate natural processes of skin regeneration. With its dual repairing action on the epidermis and the dermis, GLYCO-REPAIR® acts on communication between skin cells and:

 reactivates the different biological pathways involved in re-epithelialization and consolidates the epidermal barrier function for a healing action;

 restores renewal of the dermal matrix, an endogenous process essential for maintaining the integrity of the support tissue.

In vivo, GLYCO-REPAIR® enables the rapid and intense renewal of skin tissue after an aggression or the repair of age-related disorders. Its anti-wrinkle and smoothing effects visibly attenuate signs of aging.

Anti-aging and pro-regenerating, GLYCO-REPAIR® is a patented solution, recommended in all repairing care products. This active ingredient of natural origin at 99.3% (ISO 16128) respects biodiversity regulations. Available in aqueous solution (recommended amount: 1 to 3%), it is compliant with international cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, Japan, China, etc).