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Protein balance, a key player in anti-aging

 Monday 29 March 2021

Published in SOFW journal
in March 2021, p. 8 - 11

Authors M. Coirier, P. Rouaud-Tinguely, E. Aymard, E. Lasjaunias, B. Closs

Within cells, the Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) plays the key role of factory for proteins, essential molecules to ensure the body's vital mechanisms. In fact, it performs two fundamental functions by synthesizing proteins and ensuring their quality control. At the cutaneous level, functional proteins ensure firmness and radiance. However, a large number of situations of stress can interfere with this protein balance (or proteostasis). In response to this, the cell can trigger a “repair function”, namely the UPR (Unfolded protein response).

Faced with these observations, SILAB Research decided to study the changes occurring in the ER during aging. This research work has shown for the first time that skin aging induces ER stress and limits the activity of the UPR pathway. This led to the development of ERISIUM®, an anti-aging active ingredient obtained from rice co-products that maintains proteostasis at the heart of the ER for an anti-wrinkle and radiance booster effect.