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LACTOBIOTYL®, a postbiotic concentrate for a microbiota preserved and radiance restored

 Wednesday 04 December 2019

Based on its expertise in the cutaneous microbiota and industrial biotechnologies, SILAB presents LACTOBIOTYL®, a natural postbiotic active ingredient for the care of dry skin.

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COHELISS®, the stretching program to restore the skin's firmness and luminosity

 Thursday 05 September 2019

With age, the skin becomes slack and loses its radiance. The study of tissue mechanics has highlighted the active role of the dermis in maintaining the skin’s natural elasticity and more recently that of the epidermis on skin luminosity.

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FILMEXEL®: an innovative, natural and eco-designed film

FILMEXEL® is the first natural film-forming ingredient produced from IBPN technology® (Interpenetrating biopolymer network), launched in 2016. This breakthrough technological innovation was developed by SILAB Research to create a natural and protective cosmetic ingredient featured by high resistance, powerful retraction force and excellent sensory efficacy.

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FILMEXEL®: new efficacy data for the hair care market

 Thursday 23 May 2019

First launched in 2016 for the skin care market, FILMEXEL® has proven to be an outstanding natural film-forming ingredient, providing protective, lifting and immediately perceptible effects to the skin.

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APOLLUSKIN®: new efficacy data on the harmful effects of indoor pollution on the skin

 Thursday 16 May 2019

First launched in 2013, APOLLUSKIN® is a protective antipollution active ingredient derived from dandelion, a plant known for its detoxifying properties.

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