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Investigating microbiota and beyond

 Monday 25 January 2021

Skin balance is a notion, which can often be associated with a utopian state of the skin. For a long time, cosmetics have used scientific expertise to erase or reduce the effects of skin imbalances. This year, SILAB offers an innovative strategy based on the analysis and regulation of the factors causing these skin disorders. To this end, the company suggests to take into account both the microbiota and the skin biological processes in order to achieve a long-term balance.

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Allowing Elegant Beauty

 Tuesday 30 May 2017


At any age, elegant beauty is a touch of grace, sophistication and charm. Aging is explored to perk up skin’s youth processes in the spirit of timeless innovation.

SILAB’s idea of aging has expanded to include three actions - to anticipate time, to slow down time and to enjoy time - with a combination of active ingredients: FILMEXEL®, COHELISS® and WELLAGYL®.

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