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SILAB Elegance is a timeless innovation

At any age, elegant beauty is a touch of grace, sophistication and charm. Aging is explored to perk up skin’s youth processes in the spirit of timeless innovation.

SILAB’s idea of aging has expanded to include three actions - to anticipate time, to slow down time and to enjoy time - with a combination of active ingredients: FILMEXEL®, COHELISS® and WELLAGYL®.


Designed from IBPN technology®, FILMEXEL® is a second skin natural biopolymer. This innovative active ingredient embodies the grace. Thanks to its multifunctionality, this beauty booster allows a natural touch at any age.

FILMEXEL®, protective effect. Thanks to its dense meshwork, it protects the skin’s youthfulness.
FILMEXEL®, lifting benefit. Its tensor effect is instantly visible to boost the face attractiveness.
FILMEXEL®, perceptible efficacy. It creates a genuine lifting sensation to fight the fatigue.



Pioneer in the field of mechanobiology, COHELISS® represents the sophistication. It experiences relax benefits by restoring the skin natural stretching effect. The aim is to slow down time by stimulating mechanical and biological cells functions in response to mechano-stress. Because of its biomechanical capacities, elasticity and firmness, COHELISS® remains essential to rewake expression.



Purified from Rosa damascena, WELLAGYL® symbolizes the charm, a criterion that was clearly defined by women as a key driver of aging well. This trendy beauty vision is based on enhancement of well-being while staying in harmony with age. WELLAGYL® is the answer to sexygenarian who want to enjoy time and maintain harmonious shape.