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Social policy

Place the human capital at the core of the overall performance

SILAB's sustainable development charter affirms that “undertakings are underpinned by shared human values of respect, living together, listening and paying attention to others, and ethics. Our open, vigilant, preventive and forward-looking attitude encourages us to progress and get others to progress while respecting our founding values.” The company pays special attention to all its staff enabling everyone to make use of its skills and foster its professional development. Human resources are key, since men and women instill life in the company and provide the most significant added value.

SILAB’s commitments

  • Place the human capital at the core of the overall performance
  • Recruit, train and foster talent
  • Health and quality of life at work: ensure a safe working environment, motivating working conditions, services that facilitate the work-life balance
  • Ensure equality of women and men and the integration of disabled people
  • Harmonize international social practices

2019 key figures

  • 30 jobs created
  • 93% of long-term contracts
  • 37 years of average age
  • 7% of gross payroll invested in training
  • 55% of women
  • 83/100: gender equality index calculated according to the indicators of the law "for the freedom to choose one's professional future"