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Sharing values

Success is good, helping others succeed is even better!

Success is good, helping others succeed is even better! Aware that the sharing of experiences helps create value, SILAB works daily to transfer its best practices and thus become a link in a mutual support chain. The company invests with this in mind by supporting several types of initiatives that benefit communities and further their territories that has seen it develop, associating its stakeholders to its achievements.

SILAB’s commitments

  • Share values with stakeholders: citizen company
  • Prove transparency in its CSR actions
  • Support young researchers: founded in 2007, the aim of the SILAB - Jean PAUFIQUE Corporate Foundation is to provide active, constant support for fundamental and applied research in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of dermatological pathologies, and more specifically skin cancer. Every year, a research funding is launched via public research facilities on a specific topic, to give financial support to a young researcher for three consecutive years of their research project. Visit the Foundation's website
  • Help for young entrepreneurs: SILAB - Jean PAUFIQUE Biotech Development is a non-profit investment fund designed to foster leading local initiatives in the biotechnology sector. It gives technical and financial support to innovative start-ups.