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Our fields of expertise

True to its strategy of independence, SILAB develops its own cutting-edge know-how in-house. Its natural active ingredients are all patented and have been developed by the talents of the company’s 90 researchers. The technologies and Research signatures provide concrete answers to the changing needs of consumers, market demands and regulatory requirements, in terms of innovation, quality and efficacy.


SILAB invests in the most modern technological tools for maximizing the performance of its active ingredients. Biotechnologies, microbiota, 3D biological models or digital imaging techniques all participate in strengthening the quality and proofs of efficacy of SILAB’s active ingredients.


Controlled industrial culture of microorganisms

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Cutaneous microbiota

A unique and variable ecosystem

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Digital imaging

A multi-discipline pole

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30 years of expertise

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3D models of reconstructed skin

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Spray drying

From liquid form to powder

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Research signatures in skin biology

SILAB has always been a pioneer in the study of major skin biology topics applied to the fields of cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics: autophagy, epigenetics, segmentation of the dermis, mechanobiology and more. In this context, the company conducts its own work based on progress of basic research in medicine, dermatology and nutrition, to develop innovative active ingredients intended for the care of healthy and/or compromised skin.


"Recycling" in skin cells

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Genes and their environment

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From mechanical stimulus to biological response

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Segmentation of the dermis

Another vision of the dermis

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Mastering natural

Since its creation 35 years ago, SILAB has been committed to mastering natural, from the raw material up to the active ingredient, while preserving biodiversity.

Manufacturing process

Non-denaturing technologies

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Natural raw material    

100% plants and biotechnologies

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