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An Approach

  • To draw on inspiration from the latest scientific advances,
  • To work in partnership with public research: universities, INSERM, CNRS, INRA, etc.
  • To plan, control and secure all the phases of the development of the active ingredients, from the sustainable raw materials sourcing to their completion,
  • To identify their mechanisms of action according to rigorous research designs prescribed by advanced research,
  • To provide in vivo proof of efficacy according to perfectly reliable and reproducible "customized" study protocols,
  • To protect our innovations by systematic patent applications and Community trademark registrations,
  • To be a forerunner to always surprise and contribute to the development of active skincare offering innovative concepts, effective and safe natural active ingredients in compliance with international cosmetic regulations.


  • Over 90 researchers (1/3 of our staff) skilled in biology, biochemistry, fine chemistry, analysis, imaging, sensory expertise, botany, statistics, etc.: high level physicians, engineers and technicians who benefit from professional training in their fields of expertise.

Cutting-edge technologies and equipments

  • A High-Tech Research Centre,
  • A surface area of over 3,500 m² of laboratories,
  • Cutting-edge equipments adopted from the clinical nutrition, the food industry, the dermatological and pharmaceutical sectors,
  • Ultra-modern technologies to:
  • Establish a profile of raw materials and active ingredients (HPTLC, GC, etc.)
  • Extract, purify, potentiate, industrialize active ingredients (enzymatic engineering, green chemistry tools, selective precipitation and adsorption, membrane separation, scaling up, etc.)
  • Understand the mechanisms of action (Quantitative RT-PCR with an automate robot, DNA chips, 3D skin models, etc.)
  • Prove the cosmetic benefits (Tri-laser reflectance and fluorescence confocal microscopy, Fringe Projection, Sensory Expertise, etc.)