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Atopic dermatitis


Advanced biological active molecule to recover skin comfort and health

AD-RESYL® is a purified natural active molecule that has been specifically developed to prevent the clinical signs of atopic dermatitis and prolong periods of remission following corticosteroid therapy.

Cycle of Atopic Dermatitis (AD)

Developed through innovative in vitro and in vivo models, AD-RESYL® restores homeostasis in atopic skin, by targeting its four main anomalies:

Its clinical efficacy was demonstrated under dermatological supervision (assessment of severity of symptoms: SCORAD, overall evaluation) with two cohorts of Caucasian and Asian children and/or adults affected by the disease. In addition, the patients (or their parents, in case of children) also self-evaluated their quality of life, the efficacy of the treatment and expressed their overall assessment [1]. The SCORAD and relapse rates were significantly reduced. The treatment soothed, hydrated and comforted the skin. The quality of life of the patients and their families was considerably improved.

SILAB Softcare conducted cutaneous tolerance and risk assessment studies of its product, in compliance with the most stringent pharmaceutical standards. AD-RESYL® is perfectly tolerated by the atopic skin of Caucasian and Asian children and adults.

In addition, SILAB invested in a spray-drying production unit, also qualified according to the criteria of pharmaceutical GMP, to manufacture products in preservative-free powder, such as AD-RESYL®.

This active molecule is rich in fructosans from Ophiopogon japonicus, a plant with tuberous roots, genuine storage organs that ensure the survival of the plant during periods of drought and during the winter. The supply of this plant is fully traceable and secured through tight collaborations with producers and an accurate definition of the culture specifications guaranteeing the standardization of the raw material. In addition, SILAB also developed an analytical approach to identify specific markers of Ophiopogon japonicus and avoid falsification during the supply.

Advanced biological active molecule to recover skin comfort and health

Atopic dermatitis is the initial research field investigated by SILAB Softcare. Conducted during 5 years, this research program aimed to decrypt the signature of this pathology by the development of innovative in vitro and in vivo modeling. As a result of the quality of the studies conducted by the SILAB Softcare teams, these research works were published in two high impact factor journals:

  • the British Journal of Dermatology* (Research: SILABSKIN® model mimicking atopic skin in vitro)
  • Experimental Dermatology** (Research: in vivo characterization of atopic dermatitis)

* Rouaud-Tinguely et al., British Journal of Dermatology, 2015; 173(4):1006-1014
** Verzeaux et al., Experimental Dermatology, 27 (2018) 403-408