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SILAB invests in the production of powders

SILAB, a world leader in the engineering of natural active ingredients, is commissioning its new powder production unit on its unique site. The company selected the spray-drying technology to transform its active ingredients into a dry form, marketed without preservatives.

This new production unit, 20 m (65 ft.) tall and covering over 1,800 m² (19,000 sq. ft.), includes the spray-drying tower, which was designed for an annual production capacity of 150 metric tons. Commissioned in September 2019, this production plant complies with the pharmaceutical Good manufacturing practices (GMP). This guarantee, combined with highly innovative process engineering and packaging in controlled-atmosphere areas, enables production of powders with stringent bacteriological standards.

Xavier Gaillard, Deputy General Manager for Strategy, stated: We are proud of having carried out this major project that required an investment of €11 million and that was supported by the European Union, the French government, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, and the Corrèze departmental council. Bringing this production technology in house will allow us to offer our active ingredients in preservative-free powder form. This fits into a strategy of diversifying our cosmetics offerings (SILAB Cosmetics), while meeting the current expectations of medicalizing skin care (SILAB Softcare).

With its strategic investments, SILAB is demonstrating its ability to innovate, anticipate needs, and surprise its customers, year after year, while consolidating its independence. In particular, this project led to the creation of several jobs (around ten expected in the long term) and the development of new skills in house

Powder with multiple benefits

The water-soluble powder is easy to formulate for cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics, while also offering an extended shelf life. In addition, smaller doses of the powder are required in comparison to the liquid version because of the higher concentration of active molecules.

The absence of preservatives diminishes the impact on health and natural ecosystems, in line with the company’s sustainable development policy.

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