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Our values


By staying true to its core values of independence, excellence, and quality, SILAB has been a global leader in the engineering of natural active ingredients for 40 years.


As a world leader in the engineering of natural active ingredients, SILAB draws its strength from its independence. We are legally, financially, and managerially autonomous, and our strategy is voluntarily directed toward better serving our customers.

The major advantage of SILAB’s international offer? Our expertise, which best matches the market’s expectations, thanks to a worldwide network of distributors and subsidiaries.


SILAB devotes 20% of its annual turnover to innovation and one quarter of its staff to Research.

Our experts use high-tech laboratories and ultra-sophisticated industrial technologies to produce high value-added natural active ingredients day after day.


Traceability, monitoring: from raw materials to finished products, each step is rigorously controlled. Of natural origin, our products come in the form of aqueous solutions or preservative-free powders.

Eco-friendly, patented, and easy to formulate, they respect fundamental biologic laws.


SILAB is also guided by its strong human values, individually cultivated by each employee. Beyond performance, our teams are committed to the following principles, which are shared and applied by all:

  • Conviviality & quality of life at work
  • Intellectual honesty & transparency
  • Commitment & availability
  • Respect for others and for the work environment
  • Desire for progress
  • Fairness
  • Team spirit & solidarity


Involving all the company's stakeholders, the Code of conduct is a guide to the fundamental principles to be applied in in-house and external business relations, and reflects SILAB's commitment to responsible, ethical and sustainable conducts.

Consult the Code of conduct