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Timeless beauty: the everlasting quest for skin longevity

Among universal and inescapable biological processes, aging of the skin is an explicit demonstration of the progressive transformation of the body. The search for eternal beauty has been the inspiration for our most enchanting fairy tales and is currently motivating the scientific community to overcome conventional logic by developing cosmetics that have a positive effect on the cutaneous fate.

The paradigm of cutaneous destiny

The “flow of time” is a concept created by human beings in order to better understand the variations of the world surrounding. Even today, it is one of the subjects that continues to fascinate research and raises equal numbers scientific and philosophical questions.

At the level of the living, time is differentiated from fate. Indeed, while time is an inflexible unit of measurement used in equations, fate is what befalls the organism under the influence of biological phenomena. However, during the existence, some of their dysfunctions cause the loss of integrity and aging of the largest organ of the human body: the skin. The insatiable quest for clear-sightedness linked to its biological future very often disrupts our knowledge and sometimes pushes back the frontiers of what is perceptible.

Cellular and molecular biology is one of the disciplines that can explain many mechanisms responsible for skin aging. Their understanding contributes to the metamorphosis of the beauty sector which aspires to offer increasingly sophisticated creations in terms of concept. Regarding the anti-aging category, brands strive to offer innovative strategies that combine prevention and treatment of the skin. The integration of cutting-edge scientific approaches in the functionality of these cosmetics could be at the origin of a less fatalistic nature of the effects of time on its health and beauty.

Cellular senescence in the skin

The principal cell of connective tissue, the fibroblast, is endowed with a capital of divisions that when reached causes the onset of cell senescence. This is an irreversible state in which the fibroblast can no longer divide but nevertheless remains metabolically active. At this time, it begins secreting a cocktail of inflammatory molecules that deteriorate the functioning of neighboring cells.

In addition, some factors of the exposome can cause gene and/or epigenetic modifications leading to the early onset of cells entering senescence.
Although in principle eliminated by the immune system, some senescent fibroblasts attempt to escape their fatal destiny. In order to avoid elimination by cutaneous immune cells, called natural killers, they implement strategies to avoid detection. This population of fibroblasts is called “immunoevasive” and persists in the dermis, causing a progressive decline in the quality of cutaneous tissue. This leads to the degradation of the extracellular matrix, the progressive decrease of density of the dermis and the lower rate of epidermal renewal. Wrinkles are significantly more visible, elasticity of the skin decreases, and the complexion becomes dull.

Participation of immunoevasive senescent fibroblasts in the acceleration of skin aging
Participation of immunoevasive senescent fibroblasts in the acceleration of skin aging

An advanced strategy to reactivate the youth of the skin

“Timeless Beauty” is one of the results of the constant commitment of SILAB’s laboratories to maintain the health and youth of the skin. The selection of three natural, high performance active ingredients strategically targets the mechanisms behind a central process of tissue aging: cell senescence.

In 2023, SILAB launched the first natural active ingredient that targets immunoevasive senescent cells in order to circumvent the effects of biological aging of the skin: a novel innovative strategy integrated in a powerful anti-aging concentrate.

Its development was inspired by Ginkgo biloba. This sacred tree, recognized for its exceptional longevity, is a botanical miracle that appears to have undergone no physiological evolution. Believed to prolong life, this triumphal emblem of Nature has been used in medicinal preparations for thousands of years.
By optimizing the value of the molecular richness of the leaves of this tree, SENEVISIUM® restores the capacity of the immune system of mature skin to eliminate senescent cells. By circumventing the immunoevasion strategies of senescent fibroblasts, it reactivates their natural elimination by the immune system and thereby protects the skin from aging.

In addition, through the use of two natural, sophisticated active ingredients, SILAB also proposes to eliminate the causes of the onset of cell senescence.

Myrtle is a plant symbolic of youth as a result of associated beliefs and its longevity, explaining why its properties were the inspiration for the design of the active ingredient LONGEVICELL®. The anti-age potential of myrtle’s persistent foliage was concentrated in this unique active ingredient whose action promotes the expression of markers of cell longevity, and controls signaling pathways and glycation phenomena.

Marigold, also called calendula, is a plant evoking perpetual flowering. It is recognized for its myriad of benefits and is listed in pharmacopeias. Ancient populations believed that marigolds could transform the skin, rendering it radiant and brimming with vitality. Obtained from its flower rich in oligosaccharides, EPIGENOMYL® limits modifications of the epigenome resulting from age and external aggressions. It enables the organism to adapt to environmental stress and limit skin aging.

Camille Desperiez

Marketing project leader
As a biologist engineer, I am fascinated by the benefits of Nature on well-being and on the skin. At SILAB, within the marketing and communication department, my creative spirit is expressed in the production of thematic and trend presentations. In an international environment, my job requires to be continuously attentive to the current and future needs of consumers.

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