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SILAB Cosmetics

Solutions for healthy skin

SILAB Cosmetics markets more than 100 cosmetic active ingredients of natural origin, complying with international regulations and with scientifically proven efficacy. These active ingredients intended for the care of healthy skin and hair are recognized in the global beauty market for their high level of scientific innovation.

Thanks to its in vitro integrated laboratory, which studies the molecular and tissue biology, and its in vivo integrated laboratory, which performs clinical evaluations on volunteers, SILAB Cosmetics demonstrates the efficacy of its active ingredients through robust protocols, while relying on many national and international partnerships with universities.

Respectful of biodiversity, SILAB Cosmetics uses specially selected plants, yeasts, microalgae or bacteria in order to offer original active molecular structures capable of reactivating the skin’s natural resources endogenously. In accordance with the company’s commitment to sustainable development, SILAB Cosmetics therefore guarantees full mastery of natural, from the raw material up to the end product.

  • 100+ active ingredients marketed for skin care and hair care
  • 363 patents registered nationally and internationally