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Acne is a chronic multifactorial pathology characterized by the appearance of non-inflammatory and inflammatory lesions, mainly on the face and to a lesser extent on the body. It is one of the most frequent reasons for appointments with dermatologists worldwide. Recently, epidemiological studies have highlighted a high prevalence of acne in adult women (25 years and older), with approximately 40% of women affected. This form of acne is therefore a major problem that is rapidly evolving.


ACNESIUM®, the second launch product of SILAB Softcare department, is a natural active ingredient dedicated to the treatment of skin suffering from slight to moderate acne.

Its therapeutic efficacy is clinically demonstrated on adult Caucasian volunteers[1]: the number of lesions and the GEA score (Global evaluation acne), a reference score for the overall assessment of the severity of acne, are significantly reduced. This active ingredient improves the quality and appearance of acneic skin as well as the self-perception and quality of life of subjects.

ACNESIUM®, in the form of preservative-free powder and free of hazardous or potentially allergenic substances, is perfectly tolerated by adult acneic skin.

ACNESIUM® is a natural, high-performance and safe active ingredient combining rapidity of action and efficacy in the daily care of acneic skin.


Since 2016, SILAB Softcare has been conducting a research program on acne, particularly acne occurring in adulthood, with the aim of deciphering the biological profile of this physiopathology. The appearance of acne lesions is linked to the dysfunction of four mechanisms in the pilosebaceous follicle. SILAB Softcare Research has therefore focused on these aspects and has implemented novel in vitro and in vivo models, which led to the development of ACNESIUM®. This natural active ingredient acts on these four major components in order to restore homeostasis to acneic skin:


ACNESIUM® is produced from the pericarps of immature pomegranates (Punica granatum). A targeted study conducted by SILAB has shown that the immature pericarp of pomegranates contains a rich and complex mixture of polyphenols whose interest for the optimal and transversal treatment of slight to moderate acne has been shown.

SILAB has chosen an exceptional variety of pomegranates from the orchards of the Tunisian oasis of Gabès. In order to guarantee the criteria necessary for the biological efficacy, an important work of selection of the raw material and optimization of the cultivation practices has been carried out in close collaboration with the producers. The supply chain of Punica granatum selected by SILAB thus follows an approach aimed at controlling and ensuring the traceability of the raw material and securing its supply.