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A unique technology combining naturalness and performance

Disruptive innovation

SILAB has developed SILAFILM®, a groundbreaking technology for diffusing active ingredients in the skin.

This technological innovation consists of a natural, biodegradable dry film, highly concentrated in active ingredients. Activated in contact with water, this functional support rapidly and intensely releases active molecules deep down in the skin.

With this new technology, the company has expanded its portfolio of natural active ingredients that until now have been offered as liquids or in preservative-free powders.

Comprehensive solution


    High bioavailability for immediate, long-term results

    By diffusing a large quantity of active ingredients into the skin, SILAFILM® demonstrates a significant biological activity, providing both instant cosmetic benefits and long-term effects as part of a beauty treatment.


    A biodegradable support for delivery of natural active ingredients

    SILAFILM® is a preservative-free, biodegradable matrix for the release of natural active molecules in the skin, obtained from a patented technology.

  • SAFE

    A controlled, guaranteed innocuousness

    With its very high skin tolerance, it can be used for daily applications from 10 to 20 minutes. All the raw materials used are rigorously traceable and controlled.


    A unique sensory experience

    The original composition of its matrix, resulting in a soft, elastic film, offers an unforgettable sensory experience combining comfort, real moment of relaxation and sensation of freshness.

Developed & produced in France

SILAB carries out all the development and manufacturing stages of the SILAFILM® range in-house: from formulation to clinical evaluation and production, a specialized team works in close collaboration to offer innovative, high-performance products that meet SILAB’s very high-quality standards.

To satisfy its customers’ demands, the company has built its first film production unit eligible for cosmetic GMP.

Product range

  • SILAFILM® Radiance

    Genuine radiance boosting concentrate

    The SILAFILM® Radiance film concentrates the efficacy of the active ingredients OXYGESKIN® and p-REFINYL® to provide mature skin with hydration, and a smoothing and radiance boosting effect.

  • SILAFILM® Pureness

    Anti-imperfection concentrated care

    The SILAFILM® Pureness film is concentrated in the purifying active ingredient ACNESIUM® and has an anti-seborrhea and hydrating effect on oily skin that is prone to acne.