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SILAB Softcare

Solutions for compromised skin

SILAB Softcare offers patented active ingredients of natural origin, specifically designed to be used as part of dermo-cosmetic and dermatological care programs recommended by healthcare professionals. This department cares for dermatological disorders (atopic dermatitis, acne, severe dryness, psoriasis, etc.) by reactivating the biological cutaneous repair mechanisms inherent in the proper functioning of healthy skin.

To do so, SILAB Softcare relies on the company's expertise, capacity for innovation and responsiveness to broaden acquired knowledge of healthy skin to the problems of compromised skin. The department has a strong commitment to health, with the integration of tools and technologies from the healthcare sector, a team specializing in dermatology, and clinical studies undertaken under medical supervision. Moreover, the originality and strength of its research is based on the development of in vitro and in vivo models that have been approved by the international scientific community, mimicking the biological process of pathology.

Perfectly meeting the market's requirements, SILAB Softcare offers natural active molecules for the care of compromised skin, in the form of preservative-free powder, according to three principles of excellence: efficacy, safety, and naturality.

  • 2 first areas of research: atopic dermatitis and acne
  • 15 dedicated researchers
  • 4 scientific publications in impact factor journals