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Tutors, involved in young people’s success

Mentor support for young people is essential to the success of their year. That’s why tutors are trained to provide students with relevant and personalized support.

Supporting work-study students at SILAB...

With a 14% increase in new apprenticeship contracts by 2022 (according to the French ministry of labour), work-study programs have many advantages for both the company and the student, whether the contract is for apprenticeship or professional training.

For many years, SILAB implements a proactive policy for training young talents with varied levels of education (vocational training certificate, university bachelor of technology, professional four-year college degree, master’s degree or doctorate) as part of the social component of its CSR approach.

To assure an accompaniment of quality for these young people, tutors, experts in their domains, are trained on this new mission for an efficient transmission of skills. Among the engagements taken by the company: creation of value thanks to experience sharing.

To attain the first goal of work-study contract, which is to professionalize young people, mentors supervise them on a day-to-day basis to assure their skills development between theorical knowledge and operational practices.
Integrate, accompany, train, follow and evaluate, are the steps that guide our tutors all year long.

The management of these young talents allows the mentors to valorize their expertise, to develop their educational skills, to diversify their missions but also to benefit from a new perspective on the existing practices.

From the start of the new school year, SILAB plans to welcome twenty work-study within its departments Innovation and Research, Sales, Industrial, Quality, Information Systems, Marketing and Communication, Human Ressources, Purchase and Legal.

Work-study, VIE or CIFRE job offers are available on our Talent page.

With new jobs created every year, some of these young people, having all the keys in hand for taking up an operational position may have the opportunity to integrate the company.

Discover Laurent’s and Nathalie’s videos, tutors at SILAB

Lucille Cramier

Recruitment officer
With a Master's degree in HR, I support the company's development, in particular through the recruitment of future talent, whether they are interns, work-study students, juniors or experienced employees. Skills, values and the desire to progress are the main qualities required!