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Our core business


Founded in 1984 by Jean Paufique, SILAB is an independent company that develops, manufactures, and markets patented natural active ingredients with proven efficacy and safety to major names in global cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic industry. These ingredients sublimate the beauty of healthy skin (SILAB Cosmetics) and care for compromised skin (SILAB Softcare).

With the most sophisticated research, development, and industrialization tools, SILAB selects and concentrates the best of Nature to offer 3 to 4 new products a year, in either liquid or preservative-free powder form. Dry films rich in SILAB active ingredients are also available, offering a new application experience.

The standard active ingredients form a complete range of over 100 products, covering all major themes of skin and hair care.

The exclusive active ingredients meet the specific needs of customers.

Whether they are of plant or biotechnological origin, these products are recognized on the global beauty and personal care market for their high level of scientific innovation and they comply with all current regulations as major scientific innovations.

Intent on giving meaning to its activities, in accordance with its values, SILAB has adopted a societal approach that is ever more committed, both toward people and respect for the planet.


Cosmetic products are formulated using different types of ingredients: water, humectants, surfactants, texturizing agents, active ingredients, dyes, antioxidants, preservatives, fragrances, etc.

A precise function

An active ingredient is a molecule (or set of molecules) that is responsible for a product’s efficacy. It provides a cosmetic formula with the function sought by the consumer (anti-wrinkle effect, moisturizing effect, radiance boosting effect, etc.). Several active ingredients may be combined to multiply desired results.

A low dosage

The active ingredient is highly concentrated in active molecules, representing only a small percentage of the final formula.