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SKINBIOSIS®: microbiota and beyond

Nature is governed by an indispensable but fragile equilibrium between fauna and flora inhabiting the same space. This interdependence of billions of lives on Earth has maintained a natural order for thousands of years in spite of the great diversity of species and the complex unicity of each biotope. In ancient Chinese tradition, Yin-Yang expresses all the concrete dualities of life: a set of opposite and complementing forces in a same universe, controlling the vitality of Nature and paradoxically forming one and the same unit.

As a microcosm of Earth, the skin is an ecosystem affected by the symbiosis of relations hips between the various communities inhabiting it, called the microbiota, and the natural mechanisms that ensure its physiological functions. These two parameters strategically keep watch to protect this harmony from all types of internal or external stresses that could imperil the delicate balance of the skin.

It thus becomes necessary to take into account both the equilibrium of the microbiota and endogenous cutaneous processes when treating dry, mature, blemished, sensitive skin, and uncomfortable scalp.

SILAB has chosen to establish strategies, combining both the microbiota and the natural biological pathways to achieve a stable cutaneous balance for all skin types. This unprecedented concept called SKINBIOSIS®, whose name results from the fusion of the words "skin" and "symbiosis", considers the interactions between the microbiota and the natural mechanisms as necessary to reach a cutaneous balance.


Dry skin

Preservation of the microbiota & nutrition

The most common clinical manifestation of cutaneous disorders is skin dryness. It is characterized by rough, malnourished and uncomfortable skin. These alterations are primarily the result of a weakened barrier function, in turn resulting from a shortfall of lipids and increased transepidermal water loss.

SILAB has developed the postbiotic LACTOBIOTYL® by making profitable use of the metabolic prowess of Lactobacillus arizonensis, a probiotic known for its capacity to acclimate easily to extreme conditions of drought. Using a biomimetic approach, the strain was nourished with an extract of jojoba in order to reproduce its natural environment and to bioguide the production of metabolites that ensure its survival and adaptation. LACTOBIOTYL® does not affect microbiota’s equilibrium of dry skin, reinforces the integrity of the skin barrier and activates epidermal renewal.

Composed of di- and tripeptides of rice, NUTRIPEPTIDES® protects the skin from nutritional deficiencies, promotes the formation of a functional epidermis and dermis in a deficient environment and activates defense mechanisms against stress.


Mature skin

Re-equilibrate the microbiota & aging well

Mature skin exhibits specific physiological and physical characteristics: loss of volume and elasticity, appearance of wrinkles and lack of radiance. SILAB has been and continues to be a front runner in comparative analyses of the cutaneous microbiotas of young and mature skin by meta-sequencing. This work has shown that the composition of the microbiota of mature skin changes over time.

ECOBIOTYS® is an active ingredient bio-inspired by the regulating power of the microbiota of the nectar of flowers, the Nectarobiota®. Obtained from the yeast Metschnikowia reukaufii, isolated from the nectar of the porcelain flower Hoya carnosa, ECOBIOTYS® specifically re-equilibrates the microbiota of mature skin by acting on the distribution of bacterial communities and by reinforcing the immune and mechanical barriers of the skin. With ECOBIOTYS®, the microbiota profile of mature skin returns to that of young skin.

For the first time in cosmetics, SILAB has mapped in vivo the cutaneous parameters involved in aging well and then modeled in vitro the genetic and functional profile of poorly aging cells and tissues. The supply chain of WELLAGYL® is traceable from the rose Valley in Bulgaria. It is a natural active ingredient rich in oligosaccharides that activates the biological pathways involved in the treatment of the effects of age via the well-aging concept.


Blemished skin

Inhibition of "bad bacteria" & regulation of desquamation

The skin can become imbalanced by a variety of factors, such as a disturbance of the cutaneous environment or hyper seborrhea, which thereby favor the proliferation of saprophytic cutaneous microorganisms or contamination by pathogens. The skin then exhibits imperfections.

DERMAPUR® HP extracted from meadowsweet is rich in phenolic acids known for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It preserves the cutaneous ecosystem by stimulating the endogenous synthesis of antimicrobial peptides: cathelicidins. It reduces bacterial proliferation and sebaceous secretion, limits inflammatory lesions and improves the uniformity of skin grain.

The active ingredient RECOVERINE® favors epidermal homeostasis and controls the desquamation process. Chestnuts are obtained from a traceable and secure local supply chain and were specifically selected for their unique pectin biopolymers responsible for cell cohesion in plant cell walls.


Sensitive skin

Reinforcement of natural defenses & soothing effect

The skin is the first line of the body’s defense against aggressions, through the rapid deployment of an innate immune response. Sensitive skin is a state characterized by an excessive response to aggressions by triggering an exacerbated inflammatory reaction. Sensitive skin is hyper-reactive and subjected to harsh consequences: stinging, redness, hot flushes and sensations of tightness.

INDUFENCE® is rich in peptides purified from the rhizomes of water-plantain. It acts as a probiotic, reinforcing the overall barrier function of the epidermis: it increases the cohesion of the upper layers of the epidermis and stimulates innate immunity receptors to favor the production of antimicrobial molecules at the same time as modulating the inflammatory response.

NEUROFENSE® is a bio-inspired soothing concentrate obtained from the roots of red sage, a Chinese medicinal plant very resistant to cold. It neutralizes neuronal hyper-reactivity, activates the CBD2 receptor, limits inflammation of the skin and restores the quality of the skin barrier.


Uncomfortable scalp

Barrier to dandruff problems & anti-irritant effect

Faced with certain external and/or environmental aggressions that it undergoes on a daily basis, the scalp can lose its natural balance: it becomes oily, dry and more prone to irritation and dandruff.

ADANDRINE® is a co-product from pomegranate peel. It controls microbial proliferation by inhibiting the growth of Malassezia furfur, restores the balance of the epidermal differentiation process by stimulating the synthesis of involucrin. This allow full maturation of the stratum corneum, significantly improves the condition of the barrier function and soothes the scalp.

CAPICALM® is an anti-irritant active ingredient rich in fumitory glycans, which reduces the inflammatory reaction by limiting the release of key inflammation factors and protects thereby against external stresses by calming irritation and itching.