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Our fields of expertise

Manufacturing process

Non-denaturing technologies


Water is the physiological medium of plants and the human body and is the extraction solvent used by SILAB since its creation. At the present time, 86% of SILAB’s active ingredients are offered in water and 14% in a green solvent.


SILAB employs technologies using natural agents (green chemistry, enzymatic hydrolysis and biopolymerization). With 35 years of experience, SILAB’s toolbox contains more than 40 enzymes whose perfectly controlled activities allow the specific extraction of the active molecules of interest.


In order to obtain active ingredients enriched in purified molecules, SILAB uses latest generation mechanical or physical purification tools.

Our news about this expertise

Pomegranate: the treasure of Gabès

Do you know the story of the pomegranate, the natural raw material of ACNESIUM®, the dermo-cosmetic active ingredient?

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New video: controlled carob supply chain

SILAB has chosen the island of Majorca and its unique climatic conditions to source locust bean gum.

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New efficacy data: GLYCO-REPAIR®

In the course of aging, the skin barrier and dermal architecture are weakened by the skin’s difficulty to regenerate SILAB presents GLYCO-REPAIR®, a repairing active ingredient obtained from a...

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