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From mechanical stimulus to biological response

Cells under pressure

Mechanobiology studies how biological cells and tissues respond to mechanical stimuli from their environment. The resulting reaction is decomposed into three successive steps: mechanosensation, mechanotransduction and mechanoresponse. Initially applied to skin tissues, this science has undergone a spectacular renewed interest in the fields of oncology and tissue regeneration.

Mechanobiology and skin aging

As early as 2005, SILAB’s researchers began working on mechanobiology participants in a context of skin aging. In 2016 and as a result of recent technological developments, new studies in vitro and in vivo have enabled the real-time adaptation of young and old skin cells to mechanical stresses to be characterized.

Restore the skin’s original resilience

This proven expertise in skin mechanobiology had given rise to the active ingredient COHELISS®, developed specifically to stimulate the mechanical and biological cell functions of the skin in response to a mechanical stress. This product was rewarded by a cosmetic innovation prize in 2007: the C&T New Technology Award.

The scientific discoveries of SILAB concerning mechanobiology in the course of aging have been the subject of one patent and 3 international communications.

Lenaers et al., Wrinkle reduction by stimulation of the skin’s mechanical resistance, Cosmetics & Toiletries, 121, 11, 47-56, 2006
Lenaers et al., Wrinkle reduction by stimulation of the skin’s mechanical resistance, Cosmetics & Toiletries China, 2, 32-38, 2007
Boudier et al., Mechanobiology of fibroblasts during skin aging, SFBMEC scientific poster, 2017

Our news about this expertise

SILAB at the annual meeting of SFBMEc

SILAB is pleased to share the result of its research work during the annual meeting of the French Society for Extra-cellular Matrix Biology in Marseille, on March 16 and 17, 2017.

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The stretching program to restore the skin's firmness and resilience

COHELISS® is a firming and anti-gravity active ingredient specifically developed by SILAB to stimulate the mechanical and biological functions of the skin cells in response to mechanical stress in...

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