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Soothing seeds for sensitive skin

10 February 2021   |   Reading time: 3 minutes   |   Share:

Hypersensitivity and inflammatory skin disorders caused by daily aggressions incite consumers to increasingly adopting “clean” cosmetic solutions whose formulas combine efficacy, health and naturality.

Beyond their soothing properties, some raw materials, in particular the seeds of flax, cotton and sweet almond, are associated with the universe of care and softness in the collective unconscious. SILAB has extracted and purified the benefits of these seeds to soothe delicate skin seeking comfort and well-being.

Soothing seeds for sensitive skin

A universal phenomenon

Currently, almost 70% of the population declares having the characteristics of sensitive skin: tingling, tightness, redness or other discomfort sensations.

This is a transient state of the skin that can affect all skin types (dry, oily, mature, etc.) and that can be exacerbated by pollution, sunlight and stress. It is a universal phenomenon that can be considered as the most widespread skin disorder in industrialized countries.

An increasing demand reinforced in 2020

In 2020, Mintel identified 7,402 launches of care products “for sensitive skin”, 21% more than in 2018. This finding has drawn the attention of the major facial care markets in Asia, Europe and the United States. Its positioning has progressively blurred the line between beauty, health and skin comfort.

COVID-19 has heightened preoccupations concerning the safety of cosmetic products and has resulted in increasing preference for products that are well tolerated by sensitive skin. The widespread use of masks and hand sanitizers has augmented the demand for safe cosmetics adapted to sensitive skin.

Caring for the skin from the inside-out

Studies on attenuating skin sensitivity have shown that the consumption of super-foods such as certain seeds had an impact on the skin quality. This inside-out tendency has not lost any time in influencing the field of cosmetics.

The seeds of flax, cotton and sweet almond are genuine natural treasures for relief to sensitive skin as a result of their soothing properties known for many years and their relationship to the universe of care and softness.

Silab: soothing active ingredients from seeds

SILAB has used its expertise to extract and purify the benefits of the seeds of flax, cotton and sweet almond to develop SENSILINE®, HELIOMODULINE® and AMANDULINE®, three natural, soothing active ingredients developed to provide the skin with good health and well-being.

Extracted from brown flax, known for its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties, the acid polysaccharides and peptidoglycans of SENSILINE® combine their effects to prevent, or at least limit irritation phenomena. SENSILINE® prevents inflammatory “damage” by inhibiting the initial steps of the irritation process. It deposits a satiny protective microfilm in depth, where it prevents the stimulation of receptors and the programming of cells involved in the inflammatory cascade.
Active ingredient available in certified organic version


Rich in non-GMO cottonseeds peptides, HELIOMODULINE® stimulates the natural mechanisms of skin cell repair. This active ingredient is recommended for all sun care products and anti-age prevention because it limits cell aging of photoexposed skin and reduces the risks of inflammation and erythema.
Gossypol-free active ingredient


Inspiration from ancient “beauty recipes” was the basis for designing and developing AMANDULINE®, a system combining proteins and carbohydrates from sweet almonds that can effectively reduce and soothe all types of skin irritation. The ramified and interlocking carbohydrate chains of AMANDULINE® form an isolating film that improves skin comfort and limits irritation from actinic erythema (sunburn).
Active ingredients from sweet almonds are also available as hair care applications


Camille Desperiez

Customer Marketing project leader
As a biologist engineer, I am fascinated by the benefits of Nature on well-being and on the skin. At SILAB, within the marketing and sales department, my creative spirit is expressed in the production of thematic and trend presentations. In an international environment, my job requires to be continuously attentive to the current and future needs of consumers.