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RECOVERINE®, homeostasis of the cutaneous barrier, the anti-dry skin strategy

 Thursday 13 September 2018

As a barrier function becoming damaged with age and exogenous factors results in dry, rough, uncomfortable skin, SILAB brings today additional efficacy data on RECOVERINE®. This eco-designed active ingredient, obtained from chestnuts, is capable of stimulating epidermal homeostasis and ensuring a functional, effective cutaneous barrier.

Chestnut, from a local, traceable, secured supply chain, has been specifically selected for its unique pectin biopolymers, responsible for cellular cohesion within the plant walls.

To control homeostasis in the stratum corneum, RECOVERINE® stimulates two powerful upstream biological mechanisms:

the cellular energy production by triggering the mitophagy and consequently, increasing the production of ATP required for the correct functioning of keratinocytes;

the PADs enzymes activity (Peptidylarginine deiminases), a novel strategy to favor the cohesion/desquamation equilibrium.

Tested on Caucasian and Asian volunteers, RECOVERINE® limits water loss. The skin is hydrated, smoother and softer. RECOVERINE® thus offers a complete care for dry skin.

A patented active ingredient (INCI name: Water & Castanea sativa (Chestnut) Seed Extract), RECOVERINE® is available in aqueous solution (recommended amount: 2 to 4%) and in preservative-free powder and is compliant with international cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, Japan, China).

 Documentation and video accessible on the product page