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Quantifying well aging: a mathematical sketch to predict good and poor aging parameters

 Tuesday 09 October 2018

Published in Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine
in September 2018, p. 18 - 29

Authors P. Rouaud-Tinguely, R. Vyumvuhore, J. Corvo, J. Breugnot, M. Quillet, D. Boudier, M. Le Guillou et B. Closs

Despite identification of the cutaneous signs of aging, there was no biological evidence to explain why some people look older or younger than they really are (i.e. aging poorly or well respectively). SILAB’s aim was to determine which cutaneous features allowed to age well.

A combination of four cutaneous parameters was mathematically demonstrated as allowing to age well: hydration, skin complexion, wrinkles and firmness. These discoveries will enable dermo-cosmetic industry to score perceived age and then to offer customized innovative skin care products.