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The NYSCC Symposium “Skin barrier disruption & Inflammation” will take place on November 7, 2018, from 4:00 pm, at the Valley Regency in Clifton (New Jersey).

Do not hesitate to attend this event, sponsored by SILAB and SILAB Softcare, dedicated to cell communication underlying a barrier breakage and latest treatments topical for atopic dermatitis.

Carine Mainzer (scientific support manager, SILAB Inc.) will hold a conference entitled “Upon barrier breakage and bacterial invasion, how do skin cells communicate to immune effectors?”. She will be joined by the renowned speaker Dr. Peter Elias (University of California, San Francisco), expert in the skin barrier function, who will present its research work on the “Topical therapy for atopic dermatitis: occlusive moisturizers vs. physiologic lipid barrier repair approaches”.

These two experts will highlight the importance of the lipids, the lipid signaling and cell-cell communication to provide a solid barrier function.

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