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Naturally mobilize the senses into the skin

 Tuesday 05 March 2019

Published in SOFW Journal
in January/February 2019, p. 2 - 7

Authors M. Coirier, S. Gofflo, S. Le Davadic, E. Lasjaunias, B. Closs

Stimulated by beauty rituals, the senses can also be awakened into the skin through recently observed biological activity. The discovery of sensory receptors in the epidermis, in particular olfactory and taste receptors, opens up new prospects for the regeneration of skin tissue in aging conditions.

Based on strong scientific expertise (in vitro modeling study, metabolomic study, in silico molecular modeling), SILAB developed a cosmetic natural active ingredient imbued with sensoriality targeting epidermal regeneration. It is derived from a co-product of coconut, a tropical fruit with a unique sensory profile.