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WELLAGYL®, aging well is the art of being in harmony with your age

WELLAGYL® is an unprecedented cosmetic active ingredient which responds to a vision of beauty clearly expressed by women determined to enhance their well-being while staying in harmony with their age: aging well.

For the first time in the cosmetic industry, SILAB’s Research has mapped in vivo the skin parameters involved in aging well, then modeled and compared in vitro the genetic and functional profile of poorly aging and well aging cells and tissue.

At the level of cells, WELLAGYL® enables fibroblasts aging poorly to acquire the phenotype specific to a well-aging state by acting on the biological pathways of cell proliferation, migration and adhesion.

At the level of tissues, WELLAGYL® reactivates the metabolism. It significantly improves the thickness of the epidermis and the synthesis of procollagen I and hyaluronic acid.

At the level of the individual, it restores a radiant complexion, hydration, micro-relief and firmness, the four main well-aging criteria, to volunteers with poorly-aging skin.

The natural beauty of mature skin is thus revealed.

WELLAGYL® is a patented purified active ingredient, rich in oligosaccharides from the Bulgarian rose (Rosa damascena). It is water-soluble, easy to formulate (recommended amount: 1 à 2.5 %) and compliant with global cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, Japan and China).

Documentation and video accessible on the product page

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