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Hair care > Anti-hair loss / Regrowth > ANAGELINE®


Growth phase of hair stimulation: an anti-hair loss strategy

  • Hair Care
  • Anti-hair loss / Regrowth

ANAGELINE® is extracted from sweet white lupine. Rich in glutaminated peptides, oligo-elements and vitamins, ANAGELINE® controls the hair cycle by regulating the hormonal balance, reactivating the microcirculation and stimulating cells metabolism. ANAGELINE® is thus recommended in all hair treatment formulation to delay hair loss and favors hair regrowth.

  • I.N.C.I. Name

    Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein

  • raw material

    Sweet white lupine

  • Keyword

    5α-reductase II VEGF

  • Active molecule

    Glutamined peptides

    Trace elements