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Skin care > Moisturizing / Repairing > APIOSKIN®


Hygroscopic excellence for a plumped skin

  • Skin Care
  • Moisturizing / Repairing

APIOSKIN® is a natural plumping active ingredient with outstanding hydrating properties, derived from the giant duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza). Purified and enriched in apiogalacturonans, which give it its highly hygroscopic capacity, APIOSKIN® is able to take up and retain water, from the stratum corneum down to the upper dermis, and thus activates the levers of skin hydration. It provides a flash and long-lasting hydration, superficially and in depth. Its smoothing, plumping and radiance-boosting effects beautify the skin. APIOSKIN® is the ideal solution for dehydrated skin.

  • I.N.C.I. Name

    Water & Spirodela Polyrhiza Extract

  • raw material

    Giant duckweed

  • Keyword

    Plumping effect

    Hygroscopic potential

  • Active molecule