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"Recycling" in skin cells

From detoxification to longevity

Autophagy is the process that recycles waste cluttering cells and that interferes with their correct operation. It is therefore a powerful machinery for cellular detoxification. This dynamic and natural key system for recycling skin cells attenuates their premature aging and thereby maintains overall homeostasis of the skin.

SILAB, pioneer in skin autophagy

As early as 2006 and for the first time in basic research on healthy primary human skin cells, SILAB showed the existence of autophagic activity in the skin. This research was conducted in partnership with renowned research teams. The active ingredient CELLDETOX® was born from this overall understanding of the inner workings of autophagy.

A targeted autophagic process: mitophagy

Mitophagy is the autophagic system specific to mitochondria. It was discovered later and plays an important protection role in limiting the propagation of stress by the early elimination of highly damaged mitochondria (see ALGOPHAGYL®).

SILAB’s discoveries concerning skin autophagy and mitophagy have been supported by 5 patents, 2 theses and 9 worldwide scientific communications.

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