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ultra-firming skin care,
neck & décolleté
Two innovation awards
for SILAB at PCHi
sensory awakening
for regenerated skin
SILAB wins Gold
in Asia with
A SILAB department
fully dedicated to the
care of compromised skin

Our latest news

Discover the 2018 sustainable initiatives!

 Tuesday 16 April 2019

Committed for several years to a sustainable development policy, SILAB integrates the environmental, social and societal dimensions into all its activities while respecting its three founding values: independence, excellence and quality.

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 Wednesday 10 April 2019

MATRIBUST®, ultra-firming skin care, neck & décolleté

The neck & décolleté area symbolizes femininity, and needs to be cosseted with the application of adapted beauty care. This fragile area, exposed to the effects of time, gravity and external...

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 Tuesday 26 March 2019

Structure-function relationship between a natural cosmetic active ingredient and the olfactory receptor OR2AT4

Although the olfactory receptor OR2AT4 has been described as involved in epidermal renewal, there is no data up to date about a cosmetic active ingredient able to activate this receptor. This research...

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 Friday 22 March 2019

Word water day

This Friday, March 22nd is dedicated to a most precious resource... water!

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Our activities

SILAB develops, manufactures and markets patented natural active molecules for the cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic industry

SILAB has long been involved in setting up responsible supply chains
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World leader in the cosmetic active ingredients sector, SILAB is always looking for volunteers (men or women) to participate in the assessment of cosmetic products (anti-wrinkle, anti-seborrhea, hydrating, slimming, after-shaving, hair, etc.). The studies are conducted in collaboration with a medical doctor and their unique objective is the evaluation of their efficacy.