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Our human resources policy

Expert and dynamic, our teams are competitive in all the major areas of modern cosmetology. Motivated by the human values of responsibility, integrity and the desire for progress, the men and women who work for SILAB, among the finest of their generation, deploy their talent at the service of the company.

Reception and integration

A personalized welcome enables our new staff members to adapt rapidly to their professional environment.
During the first weeks they benefit from an integration pathway adapted to their position, and the assumption of their duties is supervised by a dedicated tutor. A training course consisting of different modules that enables new staff members to become immersed in the heart of our business and our corporate culture is offered to them during their first year.


For this objective SILAB consecrates over 5% of its wage bill to the professional training of its staff members. With a very high initial training level (39% engineers, researchers and projects leader, 55% high level technicians), the challenge for the company is to remain on the forefront of the latest scientific discoveries, integrate new technologies and ensure the development of all these professions. Individualized training programs are set up each year, which enable the continuous raising of our company's level of competence.
The involvement of our expert employees enhances our TRAINING LIBRARY each year with new internal training modules and each staff member's professional pathway is accompanied by a computerized TRAINING PASSPORT.
SILAB UNIVERSITY invests in youth training: accommodates trainees, gives courses in schools, offers contracts of apprenticeship, professional training contracts and CIFRE (industrial research training agreement) agreements for young doctoral students, for example.
Our policy concerning GPEC (projected management of jobs and competences) enables us to plan ahead for our future jobs.


The objective of our managerial policy is to support the development of our staff members according to the company's strategic plans. Because the success of each individual ensures the success of everyone, individual goals that are set each year ensure our staff's performance and motivation.

A senior program, actions that support the equality between Men and Women, diversity, the Disabled or youth, are other facets of our Human Resources policy that is in keeping with our very strong values of team spirit, conviviality, respect, tolerance, a good quality of life in the working environment and personal achievement.

Recruitment process

All our job and professional training offers are available on our website. You can submit an application on line by sending us your statement of purpose and your CV.
We answer all applications and contact you by phone if we would like to meet you.
If you applied and we accepted your application, the next step is the employment interview.
You will be called for an interview at the same time as the other applicants who are chosen.
Our company is presented before individual interviews with your future manager, the human resources manager and according to the post, with management. We will explain in detail what the post to be filled consists of. Through our discussions with you we will verify your competences, determine your achievements and evaluate your qualities and capacities in relation to the profile we are seeking. You will have plenty of time to ask questions and make sure that the post corresponds to your expectations. Since the objective is to get to know each other, here is a bit of advice: be yourself!
In a second interview we will then work out the details of certain points and validate our project of collaboration.

Professions and career prospects

SILAB integrates on its single site all the components of its business: R&D, industrialization, sales, communication, administration or IT. At all levels, doctors, engineers, technicians, sales representatives and managers carry out a wide variety of professions and a high degree of technical expertise.

Each year, the company offers its employees new opportunities for professional mobility: regular broadening of the scope of responsibilities, evolution to other functions or other jobs within the company. Professional training periods, organized internally and/or externally, accompany the acquisition of new required competences.

The work environment

The SILAB premises, which are modern and spacious, are located near to Brive-la-Gaillarde on a 75,000 m2 park.
The average age of employees, which is less than 39 years, led the company to create an inter-company nursery which opened in September 2010 and accommodates up to 35 children. Football, running, swimming, walking, music...each staff member can start up a new sporting or cultural activity among colleagues.

The local environment

Our company is located in the Brive-la-Gaillarde Township which has 80,000 inhabitants and offers numerous cultural and sporting activities.

A southern department in the Limousin Region that is classified as the top French region in terms of its quality of life, Corrèze is close to Périgord, Quercy and the Auvergne Mountains. Well-known for its nature, heritage and gastronomy, the Department developed its economy on the high-tech industry and plans to attract 20,000 new inhabitants between now and 2020.

Brive-La-Gaillarde is located at the Paris-Toulouse and Lyon-Bordeaux motorway crossing and is less than two hours away from the big regional capitals such as Bordeaux, Toulouse and Clermont Ferrand. The Brive-Vallée de la Dordogne airport links us to Paris several times a day in less than one hour.
Looking for more details about Brive-la-Gaillarde? Visit or to discover all our territory’s advantages!