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the natural processes
of hair greying
Discover SILAB Softcare in video
a postbiotic concentrate
for a preserved microbiota
and a revived radiance
A SILAB department
fully dedicated to the
care of compromised skin

Our latest news

Discover our sustainable commitments!

 Tuesday 26 May 2020

For several years, SILAB has been committed to a voluntarist policy of corporate social responsibility, guided by its strong human values and its three founding values: independence, excellence and quality.

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 Tuesday 19 May 2020

Sharing situation in SILAB’s subsidiaries globally

The Covid-19 is a reminder of how powerful nature is, but also of how intelligent human beings are and how capable they are of creating, innovating and adapting to a hostile situation. At SILAB, both...

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 Tuesday 05 May 2020

AGREYNIST®, foil the natural processes of hair greying

Greying of hair is an unavoidable phenomenon. The first silvery reflections, however, may be difficult to accept because they considerably affect perceived age. SILAB Research presents...

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 Tuesday 21 April 2020

Covid-19: a gradual business recovery

For several weeks now, the pandemic has been spreading around the world. Faced with the virulence of Covid-19, each country is taking appropriate decisions to protect its populations. This more than...

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Our activities

SILAB develops, manufactures and markets patented natural active molecules for the cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic industry

SILAB has long been involved in setting up responsible supply chains
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World leader in the cosmetic active ingredients sector, SILAB is always looking for volunteers (men or women) to participate in the assessment of cosmetic products (anti-wrinkle, anti-seborrhea, hydrating, slimming, after-shaving, hair, etc.). The studies are conducted in collaboration with a medical doctor and their unique objective is the evaluation of their efficacy.