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APOLLUSKIN®: new efficacy data on the harmful effects of indoor pollution on the skin

 Thursday 16 May 2019

First launched in 2013, APOLLUSKIN® is a protective antipollution active ingredient derived from dandelion, a plant known for its detoxifying properties.

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Mitokines, a novel target for an innovative anti-pollution strategy

 Tuesday 11 April 2017

Mitokines, recently identified genuine mitochondrial sentinels, are at the core of a cellular communication and defense strategy to combat stress. Increasing daily exposure to internal and/or external air pollution has harmful health impacts, in particular disruption of skin homeostasis.

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MITOKINYL®, the interactive solution to harmful urban pollution

 Friday 26 February 2016

To combat pollution, a true enemy of the skin, SILAB is offering MITOKINYL®, an anti-pollution natural active ingredient rich in glucomannans and able to combat harmful environmental stress via a unique regulation pathway.

SILAB Research is the first laboratory to identify the central role of mitokines in an optimum anti-pollution strategy. Thanks to a sophisticated intracellular communication mechanism, these mediators, released by mitochondria under the effects of pollution, connect the skin to its environment and initiate an appropriate anti-stress response.

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