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A plant duo with anti-greying power

 Thursday 03 December 2020

Hair greying is an inevitable phenomenon. Biological changes that occur in the normal course of aging are accelerated by the action of free radicals generated by environmental stress.

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Innovative natural solution to improve pigmentation and structural quality of gray hair

 Friday 09 October 2020

Hair graying is an obvious sign of aging, occurring with the loss of pigment production and deposition within the hair shafts. Numerous mechanisms, such as oxidative stress due to melanogenesis itself or environmental factors, induce this defect of pigmentation. If there are a lot of studies about graying at the hair follicle level, there is a lack of information about graying in hair shaft.

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University of San Diego and SILAB disclose their discoveries on compromised skin microbiota

 Wednesday 22 July 2020

In 2019, SILAB has established a research partnership with Dr. Richard Gallo, expert on skin microbiota in San Diego (UCSD)*, to improve scientific understanding of the role of skin microbiota in the inflammatory process characteristic of compromised skin. This work has been the subject of two publications in the prestigious scientific journals Cell Reports and The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

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SILAB published an overview on the skin microbiome

 Friday 13 March 2020

The microbiome has been a topic of growing interest for both fundamental and applied research especially since it affects health at such various levels.

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The biotech design of a postbiotic tackling skin dryness

 Tuesday 03 March 2020

Over the past 10 years, scientists have made enormous progress in the understanding of the role of the microbial flora on health.

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