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Cranberry biopeptides: a sustainable approach

 Monday 08 November 2021

It is known for its tangy taste and its healthful polyphenols. It is again discovered in a cosmetic active ingredient that concentrates the biopeptides of its press cake. SILAB highlights the cranberry and its co-product in PEPTILIUM®, a natural active ingredient obtained with a sustainable and responsible approach.

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A natural anti-acne care for adults

 Thursday 30 September 2021

Acne is a chronic multifactor pathology characterized by the appearance of non-inflammatory and inflammatory lesions. It is one of the most frequent reasons for appointments with dermatologists (20% of consultations).

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Investigating of the molecular signature of greying hair shaft

 Friday 11 June 2021

Hair greying is a physiological process occurring with the loss of melanin pigments production and deposition within the hair shafts. Many studies report the oxidation as the main biological factor underlying this defect of pigmentation. Even though the overall appearance and biomechanical properties of hairs are reported to be altered, there is a lack of information about molecular modifications occurring in greying hair shafts.

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Protein balance, a key player in anti-aging

 Monday 29 March 2021

Within cells, the Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) plays the key role of factory for proteins, essential molecules to ensure the body's vital mechanisms. In fact, it performs two fundamental functions by synthesizing proteins and ensuring their quality control. At the cutaneous level, functional proteins ensure firmness and radiance.

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SILAB has developed a 3D model mimicking acneic skin

 Tuesday 09 February 2021

The advanced research teams of SILAB Softcare have developed a 3D in vitro model of reconstructed epidermis that mimics acneic skin. The characterization of this model has just been published in the scientific journal Experimental Dermatology.

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